10 Handy Tips for Quick and Easy Cleaning Around the House

A dirty home isn’t just a little shameful at times or a sign of a busy lifestyle. More than just being a slight pain and a bit embarrassing, it can actually seriously detract from your happiness and even your health. Relaxing in a home that is full of rubbish and hasn’t been dusted in a long time makes it very difficult to feel at ease, and when you’ve just come home from a busy day at work this is the last thing you need.

While you might not have the energy to clean and tidy, it’s crucial to remember that in the long run you’ll feel much better for it – and you’ll find your whole life seems a little brighter once you do it.

But if you really can’t find the energy then there are other options… and that means finding smart ways to make it easier to stay on top of the chores. Read on and we’ll look at some of the best ways you can do this.

Do a Little and Often

This is what your Mum always told you (probably, I don’t know her) and it’s easy to ignore, but it does make a big difference. Especially with washing up. If you can’t bring yourself to do it after you’ve eaten then try another habit instead – do it while your partner showers perhaps.

Have a Pot for Loose Change

Loose change is surprisingly messy and most of us have a ton of it lying around. This solves that problem and adds to your savings!

Have a (Large) Clothes Basket

Worse than loose change is loose clothes that are waiting for the wash. Make sure your clothes basket is big enough that you can easily toss them in.

Get a Paper Tray

A paper tray will help you deal with the final big mess maker – loose documents.

Choose Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are infinitely easier to clean because they don’t have soft fibres that can hide dust and dirt. Better yet, they don’t stain either! At least for kitchens and bathrooms, opt for laminate or stone surfaces.

Keep Ornaments to a Minimum

Ornaments might look nice in theory, but too many of them just looks untidy. If you cut the number you have down in half you’ll be able to more quickly wipe surfaces and you’ll find that each ornament makes more impact too.

Have a Large Bin

A larger bin ensures you don’t start piling up rubbish in the kitchen because the bin bag is full.

Get a Waste Disposal Unit

These sit in your sink’s plughole and chop up food as it comes down. It means the sink never blocks, and it lets you chop carrots with the tap running.

Get Robotic Assistance

None of this will stop you having to vacuum or mop though… so why not consider getting a robotic vacuum cleaner? They’re not perfect, but they’ll make a difference and you’ll have less work to do as a result.


Better yet, why not go after the human touch and hire cleaning services? They’ll be able to come and keep your home tidy for you as regularly as you need and can do any manner of jobs to that end.