Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Lovers


If you have a pet and a clean home, first of all… we commend you! Our years of experience as Domestic Cleaning professionals in Melbourne has taught us that cleaning up after pets can be a full-time job in itself.

However despite our cleaning efforts, as avid pet-lovers we encourage the sharing of your home with a fury family member… which is why we’ve put together this short list of tips and tricks to keep your (and your pet’s) home tidy.

1) House Training – if you have a puppy or kitten as a new addition to your home, it is absolutely essential to get in early with house training. Puppy school is an important part of teaching your newest family member how to behave in their new surroundings. Though it may be hard because they’re SO CUTE, enforcing firm rules against your dog on the couch, or cat on the kitchen bench, is going to set the tone of acceptable behaviour moving forward. The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” exists for a reason…

2) Stay on top of Hair – like all our household chores, if you let the hair from your pets build up over time, it’s going to make the cleaning job much harder, overwhelming, and increase your chances of avoiding it… a dangerous snowball effect! Stay on top of vacuuming pet hair inside using a HEPA at least once a week (or invest in a robot vacuum – they are becoming more and more accessible and affordable!) Similarly, if your dog lives outside, broom and spray the decks on a weekly basis, and don’t forget to vacuum their bed or mat to keep their hair under control.

3) Filthy Food Bowls – this is far too common an occurrence… we get it, pet food is gross, but you simply MUST keep your pets food and water bowls sanitary, for their health, and the overall cleanliness of your home. Use gloves if you must, but definitely wash their food and water bowls once a week in the laundry sink, and run through the dishwasher! Having a back-up bowl is quite often the key to ensuring you keep up this weekly routine.

4) Litter Upkeep – if you have a litter box inside, make sure it is in a well-ventilated location that isn’t in direct view. Scooping should be a part of your daily routine (you need to do house training too!), and thoroughly replace the contents at least once a week.

5) Careful Cleaning – revaluate your cleaning product range. If your products include any harsh chemicals or toxic agents, you could be running the risk of harming the health of your beloved pet. Stick to natural cleaning products as much as possible, and look for non-toxic or pet friendly cleaning accreditation on labels. If you occasionally need to use harsher chemicals for specific cleaning duties – make sure you schedule it for a time when your pet is outside, away from the home, staying with a friend or relative.

Whilst these 5 cleaning tips for homes with pets are the basic essentials for a tidy and pet-friendly home… we understand that not everyone has the time to keep on top of these, and even then, grit and grime can build up in surprising places!

If you feel as though you, your family, and your home could benefit from regular domestic cleaning assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the professional and affordable home-cleaning experts at Maid in Melbourne. Similarly, if you feel as though you could use just a one-off thorough cleaning of your home to get you back on track – speak to Maid in Melbourne for a meticulous one-off cleaning service.