The Top 5 Best Spring Cleaning Tips Ever

Depending on when you read this, spring may seem to be a long way off or it may be just around the corner. The fact is, there is never a wrong time to start preparing for your annual big clean. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to get to grips with cleaning our homes. We either muddle our way through it or give up half way. Here are the top five best spring cleaning tips ever. Which ideas will you use?

Tip #1. Create A Frequency Chart

The idea behind completing a spring clean of your home is to deeply clean the major are. A common error that people make – and one of the reasons why spring-cleaning seems like an insurmountable task – is that they try to do everything. This is where frequency charts come in handy. Write down four headings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually. Separate out your chores to ensure that you only complete the major annual tasks during your spring clean. These could include cleaning the windows, pressure washing the outdoor tiles or concrete area and washing your carpets. This list will help you stick to the major jobs instead of trying to do everything.

Tip #2. Recycle Your Stuff

Completing a thorough spring clean takes a lot of cleaning products and materials. Buying this new will cost you a fortune and most people underestimate how much they need. Plan throughout the year and keep old items of clothing that you no longer use. For example, old cotton t-shirts make great cloths and are much more effective that cheap jerry cloths. Other fantastic cleaning products include old dish sponges, brushes, toothbrushes and shower buffs.

Tip #3. Outsource The Grunt Work

The difference between a good clean and a sparkling clean often boils down to difficult areas that are almost impossible to clean without professional tools and techniques. For instance, the grout between tiling, the grime on paintwork and dirt on carpeting is very difficult to remove by yourself. It might be worth paying a professional cleaning firm to come in and do these areas. This will get you started and give you an extra boost. It is much easier to maintain a clean area that attempt the impossible and try to do the job of professionals.

Tip #4. Keep An Eye On Maintenance

It can feel rather deflating to pour your heart and soul into a spring clean only to see everything become dirty again in a few weeks. To make this year your best spring clean ever, keep an eye on maintenance when you select your cleaning products. Many products make maintenance easier. If you wash your carpets, applying a carpet protectant will help prevent soiling in the future. After you clean any glass areas such as your windowpanes or shower enclosure, apply a hydrophobic cleaning spray. This will prevent water from beading on the glass and forming water spots. This keeps the glass looking nicer for longer and reduces your cleaning workload in the future.

Tip #5. Use Natural Cleaning Products

The final tip that will help you have the best spring clean ever is to use natural alternatives to commercial cleaning solutions. For instance, white vinegar makes a great alternative to window cleaning solution and means that fewer chemicals will circulate through your home.


These five tips should help you have a great spring clean. Which tips have you tried? Let us know how they worked out for you and leave us a comment or question below!