Top Tips To Deal With Tough Stains When House Cleaning

If you know how to handle house cleaning tasks rather easily, you may find that the process is actually interesting. While tasks associated with basic cleaning can be done on a routinely basis and without much fuss, tough stains are the things that require more concern. Hence, it is one of the reasons why many people postpone it to a later date. However, stress tends to accumulate as you procrastinate even further.

With the right treatment, cleaning tough stains would not feel as difficult as before. You might even feel happy with the end results. Below are some useful suggestions on how to deal with the aforementioned when you decide to clean your house.

Stained tiles

After ignoring your stained tiles for too long, you may start to dislike your decision to neglect them in the first place. Do not fret; here are some tips on how to remove stains from your attractive tiles.

• Start by selecting a suitable cleaner that your floor can handle. If you own marble or granite floor tiles, you should avoid acidic cleaners as it can cause more damage

• Apply the cleaning solution on the stain and let it set for ten minutes. Increase the duration if the stains prove tough to remove

• Proceed to scrub the stain with an abrasive sponge. Scrub more if you are dealing with tough stains. Also, you may need a scrub brush too

• Once you managed to remove the stain, rinse the area thoroughly. For better and quicker results, rinse and clean dry

Coffee stains

One of the most common stains around is none other than coffee stains on fabrics. Simple brushing is not enough to remove such stains, but here are some specific tips for this task.

• Wet a cloth in cold water and blot it on the stain. Do not rub as it might cause the stain to spread

• You can sprinkle some baking soda on the wet cloth when blotting the stain out

• Finally mix hot water with half teaspoon of detergent. Apply it on the stain and add a water and vinegar combination to rinse the fabric if the stain is stubborn. That should do the trick.

Red wine stains

Sometimes during a house party, you may accidentally leave some clothes lying around the house. And unfortunately, someone spilled some red wine on it. It is best to act at the moment you spot it for better results.

• Amazingly, you may treat a red wine stain with some white wine. Simply grab a piece of cloth and apply a few drops of white wine on the stain. Next, rub on the stain with the cloth

• If you are dealing with dried stains, apply shaving cream on it and use cold or warm water to clean the stain

• You can also mix hydrogen peroxide and detergent. Apply them over the stain and allow it to stand over a period of time. After much waiting, proceed to blot the area until you manage to remove the stain. Finish off by washing it with cold water

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