Top Tips That Will Make Summer Cleaning Fun And Easy

To most of us, summer is a much awaited time. Kids and adults alike welcome this season with much enthusiasm. Some even take vacation leave from work and take this opportunity to be with their friends and relatives.

Having fun is just one of the activities which you can do during the summer season though. To make it productive amidst the fun, incorporate some tasks which you will appreciate even after the season. One of which is tidying up your surroundings. It could be fun and easy while making the most out of your summer if you follow these tips.

Make a plan

Start everything with a plan. Discuss the extent of your clean-up. A general cleaning should be considered in and outside your home. Find time to make your garden in top shape. Set a realistic timeframe for each area to be cleaned. Don’t forget to allot additional time for playing or family/group games. Have each one belong to a group and select a leader. This will make working a lot of fun.

Involve those little hands

Even kids will enjoy doing simple chores. Involving them will give them a sense of responsibility. Assign age appropriate work for them and let them do it with the supervision of older group members.

Encourage friendly competition


A competition will set everyone in a working mood. This will encourage young and not so young workers accomplish assigned tasks in a jiffy regardless of a given timeframe.

Follow a reward system

Since a ‘competition’ will be held, prepare some rewards especially for children. This will drive them to do their work well and perhaps, ask for additional chores.

Have fun under the sun

Do some chores under the sun like shaking off dust from rugs and mats. Have fun in your garden while pulling out those weeds. Repaint rusty garden chairs and tables.

Turn on the radio and have a workout

Turn on the radio and listen to summer beats. Turn your cleaning drive into a workout. A lot of people gain weight during the summer and you would not like this to happen to you. Dance to the rhythm and shed off some excess pounds. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, getting your house cleaned and getting fit at the same time.

Protect yourself

Engaging in a summer clean-up will mean exposing yourself and your household to a lot of pollutants and harmful microorganisms. With this in mind, have the initiative to provide protective devices to all who will be involved. Hand each member a pair of working gloves, apron and disposable working gloves.

Be eco-friendly

Remember to use cleaning materials that are not harmful to your family and to the environment. Use materials that will not induce ailments.

Prepare healthy snacks

This may be the most awaited part for everyone. After all the cleaning, dancing and working out, a sumptuous but healthy snack will be much appreciated. Include summer’s signature, lemonade.

Put the sun in your heart

Do things with a cheerful spirit. Put negative thoughts and ideas in your trash bin ahead of the dust and dirt that you will be collecting. De-clutter your home with fun and pleasant ideas and everything else will follow. After all, summer is fun!

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